‘Tis the season…

‘Tis the season…

After taking a few days off for the Thanksgiving holiday, I sat down in front of my Mac early this AM to get back to “work.” These days, my work is defined as my ability to create informative and entertaining content that breeds recurring visitors to Tutto Persona. At this point, my level of expertise would likely classify me as an unpaid intern. As such, I feel it’s important to measure my progress. So, every morning I pull up Google Analytics to review our latest traffic statistics. Not having written anything for a few days, I didn’t expect to see much action on our young site this morning. Surprisingly (pleasantly so), we had a significant number of hits Sunday night. The topic of interest? Weight loss. While the traffic was impressive for us, the fact that folks were looking for a little insight into weight control after Thanksgiving indulgences wasn’t a huge revelation. People become very anxious about gaining weight this time of year. And the worries don’t end with weight gain. Doesn’t this season of peace and joy feel more like the season of stress and anxiety?

Thanksgiving is the kick off to holiday madness. It starts with T-Day dinner preparation and ends with the last box of Christmas decorations restacked into the basement. Stuffed between these two events is (though this list is no huge revelation either):

  • Tree Trimming/Decorating
  • Shopping (Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Weekends, Weekdays, Lunch breaks)
  • Fretting (about the “right” gift, the right number of gifts, budgets, days left to buy)
  • Mailing gifts
  • Exchanging the “wrong” gift
  • Re-gifting (you know who you are)
  • Sending Christmas Cards (we may actually send them this year)
  • Entertaining (which includes more shopping, cooking & baking)
  • Craft shows
  • Cookie exchanges
  • Traveling
  • Parties (work, friends, neighborhood, New Year’s)
  • And all the food and drink that started the post

My list isn’t exhaustive, I’m sure. But, living it could certainly be exhausting. For the folks who add the brunt of this seasonal “celebrating” to their daily to-do lists, I applaud you. It is easy to understand how the weight of these added demands can transform “Tis the season to be jolly” into “Tis the season of misery and exhaustion.”

Do I have proposals or suggestions to aid in increasing the pleasure and minimizing stress? Sure, but I think that would be a little hypocritical. In our house, my wife, Lisa, is the one that bears the burden of the holidays. How could I possibly provide advice when all I have to worry about is excessive bloat, hangovers and a nice gift for my lovely wife? It would be unwise on so many levels. So, I ask, you, the loved ones who do all the work, to please share your tips for bringing more peace and joy to the season. I will offer one piece of advice to the slugs like me: Stop applauding and start helping.

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